TypingSansar is web portal whose goal is to meet all your typing related needs with support for major languages. Currently we support Hindi, Nepali and English languages with following features.

Typing Tutor

Learn to type using our interactive typing tutor. We have specially designed course that teaches you typing in different supported languages at your own pace. You can gradually learn typing and improve your typing skills easily. Our lessons categorised according to difficulty levels and include frequently used letter combination, words, phrases, sentences. Start learning typing here

Typing Test

Test and improve your typing skills with TypingSansars' Typing Test, tracking your progress through typing statistics such as speed, accuracy and mistakes. See where you stand with your typing skills and take our typing lessons to get better. Assess your typing skill here


Easily type languages such as hindi, nepali by typing words written in english and get it converted to its corresponding language. No need to learn to typing using various keyboard layouts of respective languages. This is the fast and easy way to get text in your language. For long term and professional typing you can take our typing courses. For easy typing start using transliteration here