There are a lot of characters/symbols that you will not find on your keyboards. To get these characters you can use different methods as described below.

Alt Codes

Alt codes can be used to get desired character in word processors (Microsoft Word pad, Microsoft Word ) in windows systems.


  1. Hold the alt key and type the alt code sequence for the required character/symbol.
  2. The character appears when valid alt code sequence is entered.
  3. Release the key after entering the alt key sequence.
  4. If valid sequence was entered the character for the code will appear.

Follow the links below for Alt codes.

Hex Code

The character code is the hexidecimal code that is assigned to every character. It can also be used in Microsoft Word as well as in Libre Office in linux.


  1. Type the hex code.
  2. Hold alt and then press X (alt + X)

Hex code is useful in linux since alt code is not supported. Follow the steps to get required characters and symbols in linux as listed below.

  1. Press "Shift"+"Ctrl"+"U". This is will change the cursor to u.
  2. Type the hex sequence(unicode number). The hex sequence is case-insensitive.
  3. Press "Enter", or press shift + u to type another Unicode symbol

Follow the links below for Characters/Hex Codes.

Html Code (Number Code)

The Number code is used to get character/symbols in web pages.This does not work in word processors documents.

Usage: Html Code can be used by including the code in decimal format or hexadecimal(hex) format as mentioned below.

  • Decimal Code

    &#nnnn; where nnnn is four digit number in decimal.

    E.g. A in html displays the capital letter A.

  • Hex Code

    &#xhhhh; where hhhh is four digit number in hexadecimal.

    E.g. A in html displays the capital letter A

Follow the links below for Html Number Codes.

Html Entity (Name Code)

Just like Number code Name code only works with web pages.

Usage: Include the code in your web page's html

Eg. $ results in displaying $ in html page

Html Entity Codes (Name Code)