Hindi Inscript Typing Tutor

In this digital world it is very important to learn skills that help us to progress in our personal and professional life. Typing is one such skills out of may others. Being able to type in hindi is a very valuable skill for government jobs, blogging in your language, digital communication and education. Out of other options hindi unicode typing (also refered as mangal font typing) can be done using the official keyboard layout of india i.e inscript keyboard layout.

Our advanced typing tutor is here to help you learn and improve typing in inscript keyboard layout. Our carefully designed typing tutor lessons will help you learn typing with ease and gradually make you expert in fast accurate typing. We provide you lessons according to your current skills. It will help beginners to learn all keys of this keyboard layout. Once you are familiar with key locations you can continue with intermediate lessons where you will be able to improve typing with common letter combinations, sign and symbols, conjucts, phrases, words and sentences. The advanced inscript hindi typing lesson will help you master your hindi typing skills. These lesson will help you practise difficult keys, words, and phrases.

You can learn about inscript keyboard layout and its design here

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