Learn typing skills online with Typing Sansar's free typing tutor software. We have carefully crafted lessons for you to learn typing easily, gradually improving your typing skills. As you improve your typing skills you can take our typing test to assess your typing skills (typing speed, accuracy and so on).

Improve your typing through our typing lessons.

Hindi Typing Lessons Inscript Keyboard Layout Remington Gail Keyboard Layout
Nepali Typing Lessons Nepali Unicode Traditional Keyboard Layout
English Typing Lessons Qwerty Keyboard Layout

TypingSansar's typing tutor solution has following features:

  • Computer setting changes not required.
  • Most used simple as well as complex words, phrases, sentences from your language.
  • Lessons based on your current typing skills.
    1. Beginner Lessons
    2. Intermediate Lessons
    3. Advanced lessons
  • Track progress with typing statistics.
    1. Words Per Minute and/or Characters Per Minute
    2. Accuracy
    3. Mistakes
  • Hint for typing complex characters in devanagari script. For example to get द्ध you need to type द , ् , ध
    devanagari complex char combination example द्ध -> द +्+ध